Oral Surgery in Hayward, CA

There are many situations that can call for oral surgery. You may have impacted wisdom teeth that are growing in incorrectly, or your teeth can become too decayed to be saved by other methods and require extraction. If you would like to replace missing teeth with dental implants, surgery is required to place the implants.

If oral surgery is necessary, Highland Dental of Hayward is a smart and convenient choice for your dental health needs. Drs. Tran and Villas are highly trained in oral surgery techniques, and our Hayward, CA dental office is prepared to keep you safe and comfortable during any oral surgery procedures. We will work with you to ensure the best outcome for you and your teeth.

Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that grow in later than most adult teeth, usually in your late teens. Sometimes your wisdom teeth will emerge with no problems and will not require extraction. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth quite often grow into an already crowded mouth, which can lead to only partial emergence or impaction. Impacted wisdom teeth can be very tender and painful.

Even if you’re not in pain, impacted or partially emerged wisdom teeth can still cause problems. They are susceptible to bacterial infections, are difficult to clean, and can damage your jaw and other teeth. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, extraction is the best option. Our dentists in Hayward, CA will help you determine a treatment plan that works best for you.

Wisdom Tooth removal hayward caTooth Extractions

Teeth can require extraction for other reasons, too. If a tooth becomes damaged by decay or trauma, it can cause pain, soreness, and inflammation of the gums. Sometimes teeth don’t have enough room and need to be extracted to create space in an overcrowded jaw, a procedure often combined with orthodontic therapy. Our goal is to preserve your teeth whenever possible, but sometimes extracting a tooth is better for your overall oral health.

If you require a tooth extraction, we will numb the extraction site. General sedation may also be used if you prefer. The tooth will be removed and the site cleaned and sutured if necessary. Our Hayward, CA dental office staff will review aftercare instructions with you before you leave. If you choose general anesthesia, make sure you have someone with you to drive you home.

After a Tooth Extraction

Prepare to eat soft foods for the first few days. Soups, pudding, yogurt, and ice cream are good options. We will give you instructions on keeping the extraction site clean and sterile and perhaps a special rinse to use. Ice packs can help keep swelling and pain down, and pain medication will often be prescribed. You must avoid smoking and using drinking straws while the extraction site heals.

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