Sedation Dentistry in Hayward, CA

Keeping your teeth healthy is important, but going to the dentist can be a scary prospect. You may have had a bad experience in the past, remembered childhood trauma from a dental visit, or have seen misinformation about going to the dentist in movies, television shows, and books. Whatever the reason, fear or anxiety may be keeping you from good dental health.Fear of dentist | sedation dentistry hayward ca

Whether it’s the sound of the drill, the smells associated with dental work, or just a fear of the procedures themselves, anxiety about visiting the dentist is a very common occurrence. Hayward, CA dentists Drs. Tran and Villas offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation dentistry to help make your dental experience as pleasant as possible.

If you are anxious about having dental procedures done or have trouble staying still for long periods of time, Nitrous Oxide sedation dentistry may be the solution. Nitrous Oxide, commonly know as "Laughing Gas" is a safe, painless, and comfortable way to help you relax during your dental work. Nitrous Oxide sedation is also a good way to save time if you need a lot of dental work. We can perform multiple procedures in just one visit while you are relaxed.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry Work?

If you are a good candidate for Nitrous Oxide sedation, we will give you nitrous oxide "laughing gas" combined with oxygen through a mask that is placed over your nose. This inhaled sedative will leave you conscious but more relaxed during your visit.  Drs. Tran and Villas can control the amount of sedative you receive to ensure that you are comfortable.  You may even be so relaxed you fall asleep.

The staff of Highland Dental of Hayward will monitor your status constantly throughout your procedure to ensure that you remain safe and comfortable at all times. You do not need to have someone accompany you to and from your appointment as the sedative effect will wear out quickly before your dental visit is over.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Right for Me?

Many people can benefit from Nitrous Oxide sedation:

  • People with anxiety or fear about dental work
  • People with disorders that make remaining still difficult
  • Children
  • People with sensitive gag reflexes
  • Busy people who want to get their dental work done in just one or two visits

We will review your medical history and any current conditions to ensure you are a good candidate for Nitrous Oxide sedation dentistry and work with you to make sure you understand the procedure and what to expect.

Our dentists have specialized training in Nitrous Oxide sedation dentistry to keep you safe and comfortable so that your visit can be as pleasant as possible.

Don't Let Dental Anxiety Hold You Back

If dental anxiety has kept you from getting the dental care you need, please call our office today. We take pride in making sure our patients have a safe, comfortable experience each time they visit our dental office in Hayward, CA. Let us help keep you smiling!